You’ve Used Augmented Reality More Than You Realize! “Koffee With Kevin”

Did You Know that a lot of times when VizVibe’s CEO Kevin Jones does presentations for colleges, universities, K-12 or to companies to talk to them about Augmented Reality a question Kevin always asks is “Have you used augmented reality in the last 24 hours?” Most of the time what happens is one or two people may put their hands up. Then, once Kevin rephrases the question and asks “How many of you have used a filter or an effect?” like putting a digital mustache or hat on your face. All of those different filters are examples of Augmented Reality- it’s the fun stuff that you use everyday! Once this is explained, it clicks where people now understand ok, it’s the overlay of stuff in the actual world. This is what augmented reality basically is, how we use augmented reality at VizVibe is a little different than the mustache and the hats and those sort of things, even though those are fun to play around with right? VizVibe uses augmented reality to inform customers and give additional value to your customers. We also use AR for training, safety, maintenance, 24 hour service on sight through augmented reality and so much more! Augmented Reality in a way- we have all been using it! We just always call it filters, effects and plugins! But, you’ve used AR in the last 24 hours I bet!

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