BLOG EXCLUSIVE How “Koffee With Kevin” Got Started!

Your favorite segment “Koffee With Kevin” is coming to you as a blog exclusive for the first episode of March!

VizVibe takes you through the process of bringing Koffee With Kevin to life! Where did the idea start, what was production like, what’s next? All of your questions are answered below! Also, Make sure to read until the end for an exciting announcement!

Where did the idea for Koffee With Kevin come from?                                                                                                                                                                           The idea all started with VizVibe’s CEO Kevin Jones. Kevin loves to connect with both fellow innovators and clients in person, What better way to connect with someone than over a cup of coffee? Often times when connecting with Kevin, he extends the offer to “grab a coffee.” When thinking of segment ideas VizVibe’s social media director Julianna noticed this, and suggested Kevin bring his love for coffee and connecting to the web and thus- “Koffee With Kevin” was born!

Let’s move to production!                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Now that our team has an idea, it’s time to put that idea into action! The first step was to create the Koffee with Kevin brand! Creating a logo, Finding the perfect intro music and ordering custom Koffee With Kevin mugs were the first steps into turning this idea into a reality. Once the basics were in order, it was time to plan the filming production. To start, The team checked our inbox for the most commonly asked questions we received! VizVibe then put a list of the questions we received through email, trade shows and social media comments together to “chat” about in Koffee With Kevin! VizVibe’s CEO Kevin Jones then sat down and answered all your questions! From there an intro, outro and other graphics were edited into the videos to create the “Koffee with Kevin” content you know and love!

What’s next for Koffee With Kevin?                                                                                                                                                                                                       Are you subscribed to the VizVibe Youtube channel? Make sure you are and turn those notifications on because we “AR” excited for you to see all of the interactive and innovative content VizVibe has in store. Augmented Reality, Guest stars and much more are coming to our Youtube channel very soon!

Koffee With Kevin…ON THE GO

Love Koffee with Kevin but don’t have the time to sit down and watch a video? Coming very soon it’s Koffee With Kevin On The Go! VizVibe’s first ever podcast is on its way and our Team couldn’t be more excited! VizVibe’s CEO Kevin Jones sits down with various guests to talk all things VizVibe, Augmented Reality, Production, Coding, Custom Content Creating and so much more! The possibilities “AR” endless in this podcast so be sure not to miss it!

What’s the best way for my question to be answered by Kevin?

Have a question for Kevin? Commenting your question underneath a video on the VizVibe Youtube channel is the best way for Kevin to notice you and answer your question! The VizVibe Team loves interacting with fellow innovators on all platforms so be sure to follow us on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter @VizVibe!