Solar Space AR (The Must Have App of Summer 2023)

Immerse yourself into outer space with VizVibe’s Solar Space AR App! With engaging features like 3D Space Imagery, Archival Space Footage, educational descriptions and much more you can become an astronaut right from the comfort of your living room! In this article, VizVibe breaks down all the “out of this world features” Solar Space AR has to offer!

How To Interact With The Augmented Reality (AVR) Cards

Using the 6 Free downloadable and printable AVR Cards (available in the app or click here to access from a desktop) simply launch the “AR Player” In the app and point your devices camera towards one of the AVR cards. Once scanned, your AR experience will immediately pop up on your screen! This experience can be anything from a 3D model of the planets or an astronaut right in your hand! Each card contains a different AR experience!

Mission I (Search For Answers) & Mission II (Exploring New Worlds) 

Embark on different missions while you enter your galactic journey. Mission I starts with the sun, moon and comets. Once you have learned more about what’s in the galaxy, you will find the Apollo 11, Lunar Lander and I.S.S. are waiting to be explored! Mission II informs you about telescope assembly, black holes, the curiosity rover and more! By watching the informative videos about these topics, you knowledge of our solar system will make you a star!

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