VizVibe Prediction: The Future Of Content Creation

The ways we create and receive different content changes all the time! As technology progresses, so does the content we interact with! Sticking with the theme of Augmented Reality, a big thing we are seeing become more common on social media platforms currently is something called “Social Augmented Reality” or “Social AR”  This term means Augmented Reality is being displayed on a variety of different social media platforms (Snapchat, TikTok, Facebook, Instagram etc.) User’s interact with their AR by using using a wide variety of “filters” that are fun and engaging!

With AR technology becoming widely accessible to experience, VizVibe wanted to create a way for there to be an Augmented Reality Platform that is also widely accessible (and easy) to create your own experiences! AR LaunchPad is a “tool” created by VizVibe to provide a way for innovative minds to step into augmented reality!

As the power of knowing you can create your own Augmented Reality Experience grows, user’s can now also learn that AR is an incredibly powerful tool when it comes to connecting to an audience. We’ve seen augmented reality become powerful in marketing, selling and teaching however with AR connecting and creating an interpersonal relationship with your audience is a new way user’s are finding they can utilize this technology.

Change is constant. With the quick development of today’s technology embracing change is something we will need to get used to! Don’t push something away just because it is unfamiliar, embrace it’s possibilities! With our AR LaunchPad platform you now have another tool in your belt! We’re not replacing anything you are used to, we are simply adding to your possibilities! As we say here at VizVibe, the possibilities “AR” endless!

Start creating with AR LaunchPad today!: