VizVibe: The Journey Over The Years!

Starting from the bottom, losing everything in a fire and learning to pivot. VizVibe started our company back in 2018 and since then it has been an interesting ride!

What better place to start this story then the start? VizVibe’s first office space was located about above our CEO’S child’s Daycare center! At our first location the VizVibe Team put blood, sweat and tears into building our dream office space. All of the painting, setup etc was done by members of our team! We truly thrived in this space! This then led to our team scaling to another location! Not everything goes the way you expect it to however, unfortunately in our second location we lost everything in a fire.

After the fire, our team was able to pivot and move to a new location. But, a few months after we got settled into our new location, COVID hit. In our industry, (industrial marketing, tourism and education) most of the markets we worked with directly were heavily affected. However, when the VizVibe Team had to pivot and go from working in office to working remotely, our team didn’t miss a beat! Actually, working remotely made our team want to work even more! It was difficult to tell ourselves to take a break and stop working- we would work for HOURS!

The industries we worked with may have been affected head on however, our team still found ways for engagement with tourism/travel and teachers/students. The COVID Pandemic was actually something that worked with us instead of against us because the industrial side of industries we worked with started to really get into our tech! So, what first started as a “what are we going to do” situation turned into a “look what we can do” situation!

Since the start of VizVibe, our revenue and growing as a whole is on the up and up. Despite all the times we’ve had to pivot and change our course of doing things, we haven’t stopped growing. A method that has always proven true is that, you must be agile as a business (especially in the technology industry)  Having confidence in your decisions is important because in a split second you may have to make an important decision while having full confidence in that decision with no room for mistakes.

Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality are industries that change everyday! Being open to change is how this industry works! With all of the twists and turns, its important to be open to change not just for yourself but also for your current and future clients! 

Embracing change is important because the one guarantee you have is that nothing will stay the same! When change happens don’t be timid- face it with confidence and say “I got this” and embrace it!