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In Previous episodes of Koffee With Kevin we’ve talked about Augmented Reality and how it is an overlay onto your surroundings. In this week’s episode VizVibe talks about AR’s three main uses and gives you a small history lesson on Augmented Reality!

3 Main Uses of Augmented Reality

The possibilities “AR” endless with augmented reality! The three top ways augmented reality are used are Assessment, Entertainment and Learning. Similarly when a user interacts with augmented reality their thought process goes through three stages: recognition, intrigued and contemplation.


Augmented Reality is the real time delivery of digital content that creates an interactive user experience. AR provides a user with a visual example of how a product will fit into their environment.


Brochures, catalogs, books, posters, signs, reports and story cards can all come to life through the addition of “digital media layers” Augmented Reality makes items interactive to catch the attention of users.


Augmented Reality is a fully immersive tool to use when encouraging students to participate with complex ideas. Information is brought to students in a unique and interactive way.

First AR Technology Created

In 1968 Ivan Sutherland, a computer scientist, created an Augmented Reality display system at Harvard. Although AR Technology today does not require a wearable device for display, When AR tech was first created, it required a wearable device. To start, these devices overlaid information on the physical environment and provided simulations that were used for aviation, military and industrial purposes.

First Commercial AR Application 

Created in Germany in 2008, An advertisement for the BMW mini incorporated Augmented Reality to create a user experince like never before. Users could now take the BMW advertisement and hold it infront of a computer to interact with a model of the vehicle in real time.

Bringing Augmented Reality Into Homes 

In 2010 Augmented Reality became a trend for users who shopped for jewelry online. Customers now had a virtual way to try on their products before purchasing.


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