“Koffee With Kevin” Throwback Episode!

This week’s “Koffee With Kevin” Episode is a flash back! VizVibe’s CEO Kevin Jones shares a Podcast throwback from our archives! *hint hint*

This Podcast flashback is from Episode of 11 of Wilkes-Barre Connect! In this episode Kevin talks about how his career actually started in music! When Kevin first started at Luzerne County Community College he originally majored in music. Outside of school Kevin often played with his band at different gigs. One semester while Kevin was at LCCC he had to take a TV Production class. At first Kevin was uninterested because he only had music as his focus but, once he learned that instead of having performances be the only way you could be exposed to upcoming artists, television can be used as a way to get one song out to thousands of people, he quickly gained an interest in Television. Kevin recalls a “pivotal moment” in his life and career. One morning Kevin was finishing up his Broadcast communications class, “I had just learned how to shoot video and edit video with a 100 pound camera, you ran a wire down to a pack and there was a big video cassette attached to this big VCR that’s attached to your hip” Kevin says. “I had gone to LCCC for an extra semester so I was walking through to say goodbye to everyone…Here is the pivotal moment that comes up- I was walking up to say goodbye and I see a room where lights are flickering and I’m like what??? I go in and the old chair of the department is sitting there and he’s sitting by these Power Macks that have 64 megabytes of ram- I asked him What are you doin? He then says that next semester all of those decks and everything are going into storage and I’m like what?? He then tells me that this is the new way to edit- its called non linear editing- you take your video clips, you pull them into the computer and you do all of you editing here. Now here is the pivotal moment- I did not like this guy since day one, we never saw eye to eye but in life sometimes those people who you don’t see eye to eye with- give you the most valuable lessons or they give you that pivotal moment where it’s like wait a second? Now this interaction was at about 10 O’clock in the morning and he’s like here let me show you. I’ll never forget this- It was a ford torus commercial that they had they clips and different music for- these are in the bin, these are in the timeline- he showed it to me very quick- he showed me how to drag and drop them and I’m like woah. He then had to run out so he told me shut the door play around a bit your not going to hurt it. So I was like alright and I begin playing around with it. Now this was before cell phones guys so here’s this twenty something year old tell his family I’m going down to say goodbye to everybody I’ll be home later so I’m sitting there editing away and all of a sudden I hear a knock behind me and it’s the security guard. He says What are you doin here? and I tell him Oh it’s okay the chair told me that I can just play around with everything and then he goes yeah but what are you doing here and I told him well I’m editing this together and then he tell me its 11 O’clock at night! And I’m like what? He then proceeds to ask me- What are you doing here again and this time I say I’m going back to school.” I had to go back to school because everything I had just learned had been thrown out the window. However the thing that always stays true is that your fundamentals and foundations never change. The technology and The devices you used to shoot the video change. I can now shoot HD quality video that is better than some of those cameras were with my phone. It’s really about when your in school your learning software that will transcribe itself to all the other software that’s out there. They will all have similar windows and pallets and tools they may just have them in a different place or call them something different. Now with that foundation when you go to work somewhere- a company you go to work for may not have the software suite or software you learned on. Once you learn what you go to school for that’s just a stepping stone. ”

Eager to hear more? You can listen to the full hour long podcast episode featuring Kevin Jones by searching for Wilkes-Barre Connect on podbean.com! https://wilkesbarreconnect.podbean.com/e/episode-11-kevin-jones/

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