“Koffee With Kevin”- Augmented Reality + Virtual Reality = Mixed Reality

The second episode of VizVibe’s newest micro-series “Koffee With Kevin” has arrived! VizVibe’s CEO Kevin Jones shows how AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) are strong elements of technology on their own but when put together, they create something even stronger! This stronger technology is called Mixed Reality. Now, Let’s breakdown our second episode.

The word Mixed Reality is being thrown into online conversations like never before! Perhaps you think the conversation is interesting but, you don’t know all the basics to engage. VizVibe can help break it down! As you may now know, mixed reality in simple terms is augmented reality and virtual reality brought together. When these elements combine, a user now experiences a richer connection to the content. What does it mean to experience “richer” content? In our current reality we can now add “overlays” that will be called “triggers.” These “triggers” are your key to entering a virtual world. Having the ability to go in and out of our reality space gives the users an expanded list of options when it comes to learning, experiencing, exploring, educating, gamification- these all add to being able to interact with brands like never before!

Thanks to VizVibe’s CEO Kevin Jones what you learned in our first episode “The difference between Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)” helps you not only have a better understanding of this episode but also, creates the next step in learning and adds the new element of mixed reality! You can watch the visual breakdown of this “Koffee with Kevin” episode below!


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