“Koffee With Kevin”- The difference between Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)

VizVibe’s newest micro-series has finally arrived it’s…”Koffee With Kevin” 

Every Wednesday VizVibe’s CEO Kevin Jones answers viewer questions on all things augmented reality, mixed reality, technology and more! In “AR” blog post today VizVibe is breaking down the first episode: “Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)”

If you’ve ever heard the terms “AR” or “VR” chances are you’ve heard them used together rather than apart but, why is this the case? A common problem is that to start off- most do not know what AR and VR mean in the technology world!

VR is an abbreviation for the term “Virtual Reality.” In Virtual Reality a user physically wears goggles or glasses and the user is then immersed in a brand new world. For example instead of existing as yourself you can become a big teddy bear or whichever type of character you’d like to be likewise, your surrounding no longer has to be your office with desks and chairs instead you can be digitally transported to a tropical island. Rather than having your conference at a long table you can be discussing business right in the sand next to the ocean! (digitally of course) That’s the highlight of Virtual Reality. 

Now, Let’s talk Augmented Reality. With AR instead of wearing goggles or glasses and being physically immersed, a user now only needs to use their smart phone or tablet to overlay things onto their surroundings. Take the VizVibe office for example, with the use of a cell phone while walking in the office you can see an information button right in front of you, click it and information about VizVibe will pop up right where you are standing and display the information directly where your device is pointed. Want to have the VizVibe logo float around? Simply click and drag to see it move all around the office! The element of Augmented Reality now allows us to do incredible stuff when it comes to Industrial AR, Education, Training, Safety, Security, Service etc. As VizVibe likes to say “The possibilities “AR” endless!

Thanks to VizVibe’s CEO Kevin Jones you now know that with Virtual Reality you are immersed into a world and in Augmented Reality different elements are overlaid into your existing world!