The Metaverse, a future of unlimited possibilities

The term “metaverse” seems to have become the newest hip tech phrase – look no further than industry leader Facebook changing its name to “Meta”. For those who might be wondering what the metaverse hoopla is all about, I thought you might find the following of interest.

A few nights ago, my ten-year-old asked to use my wife’s phone to talk with his friend while playing the online game Fortnite. He connected her phone to his earbuds and a few minutes into his first conversation he “conferenced in” two more friends on his computer headset who was also playing in the same Fortnight world. During the game, they all decided to put their favorite YouTube channel on their iPods and watch it together as they played. All second nature to them.

That’s a pretty simple example of today’s Metaverse – it is already here for our ten-year-olds and they are completely comfortable with it.

The future Metaverse is likely to evolve into an immersive experience where you can seamlessly connect to explore, work, learn and play – but you will be able to do it all from one platform.

Think of it as logging in to one of your existing social network applications but instead of seeing a newsfeed, you see choices for how to connect with friends and co-workers, consume content, or virtually explore just about any and everything. Instead of numerous different entry points to consume and interact – you will have one “omnichannel” on steroids.

At Vizvibe, we see the Metaverse as a future of unlimited possibilities.

Today, we focus on the delivery of Augmented Reality solutions – in one area of our business we provide the software to create Augmented Reality experiences that deliver digital content such as video, 3D images, and animation to enhance the stories you are telling; that means your sell sheets can offer product visualization and demonstrations, your production machinery can offer training examples, and your tradeshow booth can display life-size  3D images for customers to walk around.  In the second area of our business, we have created a destination for kids to consume Augmented Reality content around different topics such as Outer Space, the Seven Wonders of the World, and Honeybees. You can learn more about that here.

In the future, our AR experiences will evolve beyond scanning content with mobile devices to incorporate wearables such as the Oculus so that students will be able to place themselves directly in Battle of Wyoming battlefield and ask the soldier what they are experiencing in advance of the attack.  In our training solutions, wearables will provide walk-through demonstrations and touch based selections to provide additional detail, examples, or interactive testing.

In the future, major players such as Meta (formerly known as Facebook), Google, and Apple will vie to be the entry point for all types of enhanced content consumption.  As an AR solutions provider, Vizvibe is excited to explore these opportunities.

What’s next on our journey with the evolving Metaverse?  In the coming months, you will be hearing more about our project to create “Web AR” so that you can directly access Augmented Reality experiences directly from the web browser built into your mobile device.

The Metaverse may be changing, but our mission to make Augmented Reality easy to build, use, and enjoy remains the same. Want to learn more about how Augmented Reality can make a difference in your mission? Reach out to our team at and we’ll schedule a time to connect further or follow us on social media and we’ll keep you up-to-date on all that is going on.

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